As you embark on a brand new decade of self-empowerment, there's never been a better time to turn over a new leaf in favor of a happier, healthier you. For many people around the globe, smoking cigarettes or puffing on vape pens is still a very real hurdle that must conquered, but there is a way out. QuitNow! can help keep you motivated and focused to finally kick your smoking or vaping habit for good.

Despite the number of cigarette smokers declining over the last decade, an estimated 34.2 million US adults still light up on a regular basis. At the same time, e-cigarette and vape pen use has been on a steady incline, particularly among young adults. Although vaping is generally viewed as a "healthier" alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes, both products contain addictive levels of nicotine and other carcinogens that can lead to asthma, chronic lung disease, cardiovascular disease, and more. As a result, the safest bet is to not smoke or vape at all, a habit that's particularly difficult to kick when nicotine withdrawal can be curbed with a single poisonous puff.

QuitNow! can help you take back your life from cigarettes or vape pens

QuitNow! is a proven app that engages users to quit smoking by leaning on three key principles:

  • Motivation: On the QuitNow! homescreen, you'll find your ex-smoker status that will calculate how many days you've been smoke-free, how much money you've saved by not buying cigarettes or vape cartridges, and how many cigarettes you've avoided. From day one, you will also start to receive up to 70 different achievements designed to celebrate your many ex-smoker milestones along your journey.

  • Education: Becoming an ex-smoker isn't just about feeling better — your body will actually work better, too! The health results section within QuitNow! uses indicators set by the World Health Organization to outline improvements in your respiratory function, physical condition, and more every single day.
  • Communication: You're not alone in the fight to save your lungs from cigarettes and vape pens. QuitNow!'s ex-smokers chat community is filled with people just like you who are working to build better, healthier lifestyles. Connect with your peers, exchange stories of personal empowerment, and cheer each other on as you all overcome your cravings together.

Try the QuitNow! app for free

The best part about the QuitNow! app is you don't have to pay a dime to get started. Simply head on over to the Play Store and download it to your phone. Then follow the setup screens so that QuitNow! can understand your smoking habits, and you're all ready to begin your ex-smoker journey. If you enjoy the experience, you can unlock even more features by purchasing QuitNow! Pro for only $3.95, or less than a single pack of cigarettes.

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