LG only recently updated the Verizon and AT&T variants of its V40 ThinQ to Android 9. Now, customers using the unlocked version of the phone are given the same favor, as the company has released the Pie update on these devices, too.

The new software has been rolling out for a while already as My LG Cell Phones reported the OTA on June 17. But today, LG has updated its website to include information on version V405QA20a — which just states that it's the Android Pie OS upgrade.

Many interested parties have likely received the OTA by now, but if it hasn't arrived on your phone yet, you probably won't have to wait too long. Alternatively, you can install the LG Bridge software (head to "How to Update" in the link) on your computer to update the V40 yourself.

OK, so we got our Android 9 Pie update for unlocked LG V40s — great. And we had already seen them land for a couple US carrier variants. But what about other V40 models? Today we're checking back in with the V40 for T-Mobile.

Much like that unlocked update, the T-Mobile release has been flying under the radar for a bit before coming to our attention, with users getting update alerts going back a week now. It caught our notice when we spotted T-Mobile updating its support page for the V40, formally announcing availability of the Pie update.

The update is on its way out presently, with limited distribution continuing through July 17.

Sprint variant

Half a year after everyone else, owners of the LG V40 Sprint variant are finally receiving the Android 9 Pie update. Thankfully, the 1.6GB OTA also includes the December security patch, so even though Android 10 has been out for months now, people using the Sprint V40 won't be left with an insecure OS. VoLTE is now also supported.

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