Smart speakers have many benefits that make life a little more enjoyable. They can answer random questions about current events, surface information about your day, and some can even be great home stereo systems. Today, you can have all of these things when you pick up a brand new JBL Link 300 smart speaker for only $79.95 at JBL's website.

The JBL Link 300 features hands-free control via Google Assistant integration. Built-in Chromecast support lets you beam music to the Link 300 from your smartphone, or you can pair it up with other Chromecast-connected smart speakers within your home to create a multi-room audio experience. Finally, the Link 300 has a 4/5-star customer rating on JBL's website with sound quality, durability, and overall value being the key takeaways for most users.

You don't have to jump through any hoops to take advantage of this offer. Simply head over to JBL's website through the link below, choose the JBL Link 300 in either black or white, add it to your cart, and check out. Considering that just earlier this year, you could only grab a refurbished JBL Link 300 for the same price, this deal is fantastic for anyone that wants a smart speaker with JBL's premium sound without a hefty price tag.