If you're looking for a full-featured fitness tracker that can also act as a smartwatch, Garmin's Vívosport is the right device for you. It offers a variety of fitness-focused features while letting you check your notifications and control your music. The tracker traditionally sells for $170, but it's dropped to just $112 on Amazon.

The Vívosport comes with a built-in GPS and accelerometer to track your activity both indoors and outdoors. For optimal wellbeing, it also features a heart-rate monitor and a stress tracker, which can help you become aware it's time for a break. Thanks to its full waterproofing, you can also use the device to keep track of your swims, which is an asset compared to the competition. If you're more of a lifter, you're in luck, thanks to the Vívosport's built-in strength training app, which will help you count your reps so you can focus on your weights instead.

When you're not working out, the tracker will happily behave like a smartwatch, displaying the time on its color screen, but also showing notifications as they come, and letting you control your music directly from your wrist. In terms of battery life, you'll get about a whole week of standby time, or eight hours with the GPS on, which is very respectable.