Arlo rolled out a major update to its mobile app a few months back, and it's still adding new features. In the latest update, Arlo gains support for voice assistant PINs, allowing you to disarm the system by voice. The app can also show videos from your local camera storage rather than only from the cloud.

Arlo has a detailed changelog that lays the new features.

New features:

Assistant PIN: Arm and disarm Arlo via verbal commands, starting with Alexa. (Set up in the Arlo app (Settings > Profile > Assistant PIN) and the Alexa app; requires VMB3000, VMB3500, VMB4000, VMB4500, VMB4540, or VMB5000).

Direct Storage Access: Advanced users can access recordings saved locally to their SmartHub from within the Arlo app. (Enable in SmartHub Settings > Storage Settings; router configuration may be required for remote access. VMB4540 or VMB5000 required.)

Arlo cameras operate a bit like a security system—they have armed and disarmed states that determine when the cameras will wake up, record events, and send notifications. Now you can arm and disarm the system by providing the PIN in a voice command, preventing some random person from shouting at your house to disarm the security cameras.

The local video support is long, long overdue. Arlo cameras stand out from the crowd with the ability to save all videos to a USB stick or microSD card. However, you had to remove the storage and plug it into another device to view them. Now, you can see the videos inside the Arlo app. Oddly, they don't generate thumbnails until you've played them. Still, it's better than nothing.

Price: Free