2019 was the year foldable phones became more than a trade show demo, but only barely. The Galaxy Fold launched after a multi-month delay for $2,000, and it's still troublingly fragile. The Galaxy Fold 2 might be a bit more robust. The latest round of leaks say this could be the first foldable with a glass screen.

The Galaxy Fold, the new Moto Razr, and that terrible FlexPai phone all have one thing in common: plastic screens. Android phones moved away from plastic displays a decade ago, but they're back because plastic folds. As a rule, glass does not bend. But rules, like inflexible glass, are meant to be broken. Various companies have been trying to perfect flexible glass that will work with touchscreens, and the Fold 2 might be the first to have it.

According to noted leaker Ice Universe, the Fold 2 will have an "ultra-thin glass cover" instead of plastic. We've seen images of this supposed phone leak already—it looks like the Razr, which will have a plastic screen. A glass display could make the Fold 2 much less prone to scratches than the current crop of foldable phones. However, XDA's Max Winebach says he's heard the display will still have creases. They just won't be as noticeable.

We may see the Galaxy Fold 2 as soon as early 2020 alongside the Galaxy S11. Rumors also point to a lower asking price than Samsung's first foldable phone. Don't let your hopes get too high, though.