If you still have a static string of colorful lights wound around your Christmas tree, you should consider swapping them out for something with some 21st-century smarts. These Wi-Fi-connected LED string lights from Twinkly will cast a dazzling display that puts your childhood tree to shame, and you can pick up a set for $125.25 ($36.75 off) on Amazon.

Twinkly LED String Lights rely on spatial mapping via a connected smartphone to understand exactly where each bulb sits around virtually any object, such as your Christmas tree, fireplace mantel, staircase banister, or wherever you hang lights. Equipped with a virtual model of your item, Twinkly can then cast a unique light show from a list of pre-loaded effects — or you can even draw your own designs — all from within the Twinkly app.

You can pick up a set of Twinkly LED String Lights right now over on Amazon. They come with either 175 bulbs or 225 bulbs, with the larger count being the better value at almost $37 off. Multiple sets of Twinkly LED String Lights can also be connected to one another and used in tandem to build a larger light show.

With Christmas only days away, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your holiday decorations for next year. The 225-count Twinkly LED String Lights are $15 cheaper than they were last week at just $110.47 ($45.51 off) on Amazon. The 175-count lights are also slightly reduced, albeit for a less-significant discount at $93.13 ($14.86 off).