Google has been known to discount its smart speaker hardware steeply and frequently — there's a high chance you or someone you know got a previous-generation Home Mini for free through one of countless promotions. Even by those standards, though, this is an uncommonly good deal: you can pick up a Nest Hub and two second-gen Nest Minis for $79 at Target right now.

The Nest Hub's MSRP is technically $129, although it rarely goes for full price anymore; the sale price of $79 seen here is pretty common. But the Nest Mini is just a couple of months old — and in his review, Ryne said it's worth its full price of $50. Two for free is a heck of a bargain. Three strategically-placed smart speakers may well blanket an entire floor of your home in Assistant coverage.


To get this deal, just add a Nest Hub and two Nest Minis to your cart. The price applies to both delivery and pickup orders, so assuming you live near a Target, you can still get the bundle before Christmas. Hit the link below to grab yours.

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