Despite how versatile today's smartphones have become, they all share the same insurmountable limitation. No matter how large or small your device is, it will eventually run out of power. To keep your phone charged up while on the go, pick up a new Anker Roav Viva Alexa-connected car charger for $14.40 ($21.59 off) with coupon on Amazon.

The Anker Roav Viva features PowerIQ fast charging via dual USB ports located on the side of the device; Qualcomm's Quick Charge tech isn't supported. It will plug into most car cigarette lighter sockets, but you are advised to cross-reference the dimensions of the space inside your car with the measurements of the charger before making your purchase. Onboard Alexa support allows you to use voice commands to ask for directions, make calls, and more via Bluetooth and Android Auto.

To get the full savings on this deal, make sure you click the on-screen 25%-off coupon before heading to checkout. If you order now, you can receive your Anker Roav Viva before Christmas day.