Motorola's announcement of the rebirth of the Razr was met with confusion, disbelief, and excitement. The folding smart phone in the nostalgic shell struck a chord, and demand exploded. It seems Motorola underestimated how strongly consumers would react, as the company now warns that pre-orders and shipping for the Razr have been pushed back.

Pre-orders were originally slated to begin on December 26th, ahead of the launch on January 9th, but it looks like we'll have to wait a little bit for our fancy blasts from the past. Motorola has stated that it doesn't foresee "a significant shift" from the original launch window, so hopefully the delay won't be too long. With the announcement of the delay coming at the eleventh hour, it might put a damper on some tech enthusiasts' holiday, but at least we'll avoid the mad rush that comes with under-supplying.

Regardless of the wait, it's clear people are excited about this phone — and why not? It seems like a blast, and Motorola has clearly put a lot of love into the design. The phone will launch exclusively on Verizon this year, and when the new date is announced, we'll make sure you know.

Motorola has announced that the Razr will be launched on February 6th, with pre-orders beginning on January 26th. Pre-orders have already begun in the UK, exclusively at EE.