When Google rolled out Stadia Pro in November, it quickly became obvious that the service was still partly a glorified beta. Many features that were promised to be ready at launch only slowly trickled into the platform, like Google Assistant support, Stream Connect, Buddy Pass, and family sharing. Now, Google has announced that achievements are also finally available on Stadia.

Achievements on Stadia work just like they do on any other platform. When you complete specific goals in games, you'll see a new notification pop up informing you of what you've accomplished. As Google promised, achievements have been counted in the background since Stadia's launch, so you might have collected a few already. You can view them on Stadia.com by pressing tab and shift, clicking on your avatar, and heading to Achievements. On Chromecast, hit the Stadia button, and follow the same steps as for the web. You can also see others' achievements when you visit their profiles.

The feature has yet to arrive in the Stadia app, though. Still, the service is slowly but surely shaping up to become what it was supposed to be from the beginning. Let's hope the team can keep up the pace and will soon add brand-new functions once it has finished its backlog.

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  • José Ulisses