For all the incredible things technology has enabled us to do — especially over the last decade — the code that powers it isn't perfect. Features break, hackers exploit vulnerabilities, and scammers manipulate users for access to personal data. To help combat the digital threats that could impede its devices, OnePlus is launching its own two-stage bug bounty program.

The OnePlus Security Response Center (OneSRC) is a good ole bounty initiative that invites security-minded developers to try their best to break OnePlus software and report any issues that arise. Participants will be awarded anywhere between $50 to $7,000 in exchange for submitting qualifying bug reports to the OnePlus application portal.

Then in 2020, OnePlus is launching a pilot program in collaboration with HackerOne that would allow OnePlus to glean additional insight from the former's top security researchers, academic scholars and independent experts, enabling OnePlus to further strengthen its software.

If you are a security expert and you'd like to contribute to the OnePlus bug bounty program, you can get started now by signing up at the OneSRC landing page here. OnePlus joins the many other tech companies that maintain their own bug-hunting initiatives for the sake of improved software security, including Google, Qualcomm, and more.