Samsung has been aggressively pushing to release Android 10 on all its recent handsets, and it's continuing its barrage of betas and beta updates with an patch for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung's 2018 flagship series. The update launched in India initially and includes a number of bug fixes and a security patch, bringing the January 2020 update to the series a few weeks early.

The update screen for the S9's third Android 10 beta patch.

This is the third update for the S9 series' Android 10 beta, which also updates the device's OS to the One UI 2.0 skin. The beta only began last month, which gives these updates a fairly quick turnaround. The list of bug fixes for this patch is relatively short, which could mean that the S9 is nearly ready to receive a stable version of Android 10; Samsung's roadmap for Android 10 indicated a January 2020 release for the S9 which would put them right on track.

If you're already enrolled in the beta program, you can check if the update is ready for you through the default system settings. If you're interested in checking out the beta program, the Samsung Members app will allow you to register your device and get started.