One of our long-time traditions here at Android Police was covering the monthly updates to the Android Platform Distribution statistics, which highlighted how quickly (or more often, how slowly) new versions of Android rolled out to the masses. However, Google hasn't provided new numbers since May of this year, leaving us in the dark about how Android 10's rollout was going, but one company has stepped up to the plate - PornHub.

PornHub has done an annual 'Year in Review' blog post for several years at this point, and the 2019 version was just published. Considering PornHub is in the top 50 sites for global views (according to Alexa statistics), this is probably going to be the closest we get to accurate Android distribution statistics, unless a site like Facebook or Wikipedia decides to share their analytics.

Unfortunately, PornHub's report about the distribution of Android OS versions was for the entire year of 2019, so it's not directly comparable to Google's own data, which compiled data for specific months. Also, PornHub's numbers include all Android devices that visited the site, not just ones with Google Play Services installed. Still, it's the best we have to go on.

The total breakdown of OS versions had Android 9 Pie at the highest share, with 48%. Oreo followed with 23%, Nougat at 12%, Marshmallow at 8%, Lollipop at 5%, and older versions sharing the last 4%.

Android 10 came in at just 2% of usage, but that's not too surprising — the statistics are for the whole year of 2019, and Android 10 only started rolling out in September. However, given that Samsung and other large OEMs have only started the process over the past month, I can't imagine Android 10's market share for November alone would be significantly higher than 2%.

It's difficult to even create a year-over-year comparison with Google's data, since the last distribution numbers published in 2018 were from October, but the below table should give you a general idea.

PornHub's data does seem to confirm Google's statement from a few months ago that Pie rolled out much faster than previous releases (thanks to Project Treble). Nearly 50% of PornHub's Android visitors were on Pie in 2019, while Oreo was only at around 22% market share this time last year.