Slowly, very slowly, Pocket Casts is starting to add back features that were removed in the big move to v7. Version 7.6, which is now in beta, implements more of these improvements, notably bringing back the swipe to see show notes, and making it easier to edit the Up Next queue. We also get a new free theme and customizable quick actions in the Now Playing screen.

Now Playing screen: tabs, customizable actions

Before v7, Pocket Casts used to let you swipe sideways on the Now Playing screen to access episode notes. This feature was removed in the big revamp, but is finally coming back with an added bonus: We now get swipeable tabs for episode notes and chapters (if the latter were added by the show maker).

Left: Now Playing screen. Middle: Episode notes. Right: Episode chapters.

You'll also notice that the Up Next button has moved to the top right, but we'll get to it in a bit. The action bar at the bottom (aka Shelf) can now be customized to show the four actions you use the most. Tap the overflow button to see more actions, then the pencil icon, and you can drag and rearrange items as you see fit. I replaced the sleep timer, which I never use, with the mark as played button that I need from time to time.

Left & Middle: Editing the Shelf, aka quick actions. Right: Mark as played instead of sleep timer.

Up Next: multi-select, easier access

You can still swipe up on the Now Playing screen to access Up Next, and swipe down to close it, but this queue is now a separate screen. It's also accessible from the mini player throughout the app by tapping on the Up Next episode queue total (bottom right).

The total listening time of your episodes is tallied up, but the most important improvement is the ability to multi-select episodes to remove them from the queue, download them, or mark them as read. The option is under the overflow button > Select.

Left: Up Next is a separate screen. Right: Multi-select episodes to remove, download, or mark played.

Indigo theme

And lastly, Pocket Casts got a free new theme, Indigo, which uses off-white backgrounds and dark indigo accents.

Indigo theme.

7.6 changes:
- Brand new theme: Indigo. Think of it like a fine wine. Rich blue elements are paired with off-white backgrounds, reducing eye fatigue and enhancing tactility.
- Up Next now supports multi-select, and you can get to it from more places like the Mini Player.
- Player improvements. Swipe over to show notes and try the configurable toolbar where you can have your fave actions one tap away!
- Performance improvements and bug fixes, including SD card issues and Up Next ordering.

If you're interested in trying out v7.6, you need to enroll in the app's beta and wait for the update to show up for your device. And remember, Pocket Casts is now free, so you don't need to put down any money to check it out.

Now in stable

All these changes have now been rolled out to the stable Pocket Casts channel. You don't need to be in the beta to try them out.

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player