There are probably multiple free HDTV signals floating through the air, and Dish wants to help you get those into your devices with the new AirTV 2. This device is more compact than the original, and it has improved wireless connectivity. You can buy one today, but Dish is offering deals if you also sign up for its Sling TV streaming service.

The AirTV 2 pairs with an HDTV antenna to grab free OTA broadcasts, but it doesn't just pipe them into a TV. It has an 802.11ac 2x2 dual-band Wi-Fi system allowing it to stream two live broadcasts to devices like phones, tablets, and yes, TVs. You can also connect a hard drive to the box to record up to two streams.

The AirTV 2 costs $99, and it's available today. You can get it for half price if you also sign up for three months of Dish's Sling TV streaming service. Sling doesn't have local channels in most markets, so Air TV fills the gap. The streams from AirTV 2 integrate seamlessly with the Sling TV app, too.