The war against robocalls has heated up this year: In June, the FCC ruled that US phone carriers could block robocalls by default, as well as allow users to automatically block unknown phone numbers from ever reaching their devices. This prompted more than ten US service providers to offer free call blocking features to all of their customers. This week, AT&T is furthering its robocall fight by enabling call verification for select Android devices.

In addition to the automatic call blocking features AT&T introduced in July, call validation display is taking direct aim at spoofing, which is when a robocaller uses a different phone number — like one with a familiar area code — in an attempt to trick the receiver into answering. With AT&T's call validation service, all incoming numbers will be cross-referenced within the STIR/SHAKEN system, and if the number is authentic, a green checkmark will show up beside it with the words "Valid number" displayed underneath.

However, this first implementation is proof that the telecommunication company still has a way to go before all users are on board. Right now, call validation display is only available for the Galaxy S10, S10+, and LG V40 with more devices on the way soon. If you own a new Note10/10+, Pixel 4/4 XL, or any other Android device, you're out of luck. Users that have AT&T's digital home phone service can also enable call validation display.

Phone carriers aren't the only ones getting in on vanquishing robocalls. Last week, Google introduced a Pixel feature drop update to Call Screening that would automatically filter calls from unknown phone numbers. If successful, this feature could make its way into the core Android experience sometime in the future.

If you're an AT&T customer that uses any of the launch devices listed above, call validation display will be rolling out to you starting this week. It is supposed to land via an AT&T Call Protect app update, which you'll be able to grab from the Play Store once it's available.

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AT&T Call Protect
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