We're reaching the part of the Android update cycle where new phones are receiving the OS upgrade on a regular basis. Samsung is in the process of rolling out Android 10 to its 2019 flagships, while Sony and Motorola are starting to upgrade their devices. The latest device to get the big Android 10 update is LG's G7 One.

The G7 One is one of LG's first phones to receive Android 10, since the company is still in the early stages of rolling v10 out to its flagship G8. That's not too surprising, considering the G7 One is an Android One device with a mostly-stock version of Android. On a similar note, the G7 One was LG's first phone to get its Pie update last year.

Screenshot from reader Daniel Malo

It's a bit funny to see LG update one of its mid-range phones before its flagship devices get a wide Android 10 rollout, but the Android One software was likely easier to upgrade than LG's usual Android skin.

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