It seemed like Google Tasks had been on the way out for a long time, but last year, Google decided to breathe new life into it and launched a dedicated Android app for the service. Even though the application has received some welcome additions over the last months, you could unfortunately never add tasks straight from the Google Calendar app (that's only partially possible on the web right now), but Google is working on changing just that. XDA Developers managed to manually activate a Tasks integration in the latest Calendar release, 2019.47.2.

Once the feature goes live, you'll see a new 'Task' option nested behind the plus button in the bottom right corner of the Calendar interface. Tap it, and you'll notice that creating tasks works just like creating calendar events. You can add a title and details, choose when the task is due and on which list it should appear, and select a repetition interval if desired. It'll then show up in your agenda like any other event, with a little Google Tasks icon differentiating it from other entries. You can also change the color and the notification sound if you like.

The integration is fully functional even when Google Tasks isn't installed on your phone, though if you do have it, you can easily jump over to the to-do app via a multitude of links in Calendar.

Since it looks like Google Calendar's Tasks is already working pretty well in this pre-release state, it probably won't take long until Google flips a switch and rolls out the feature to the first users. It might help using a recent release of the app, so be sure you download it from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

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