Google Photos has received plenty of changes recently. Between the new markup tool, manual face tagging, in-app conversations instead of the countless sharing threads, background blurring in all pics and not just Portrait ones, and the new account picker, we've seen a lot of functional as well as a few aesthetic improvements. The latest new feature to grace the app is a feedback tool to better personalize your Photos experience.

Photos already uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence a lot in the background, whether to tag people and objects in your pics, discern locations in images that don't have a geotag, help you choose photos to print, or make smart collages and animations and albums for you. It's the latter two that Google wants your help in improving.

Because these rely on your personal preferences, Google would like you to point out which of these smart suggestions are interesting to you and which aren't. You'll find the option in Photos' side menu under Improve Google Photos. In there, you can tell Google which pics you like to print, and which collages, animations, albums, color pops, movies, and other automated creations appeal to you more. Your answers won't immediately impact what you see in the app, but they should slowly help shape the AI's smarts and get you better results with time.

Improve Google photos by answering some questions.

If you provide some answers but change your mind later, you can tap on the settings cog in the top right, then choose Delete answers to negate any effects of this personalization.

The option hasn't shown up to all Photos users just yet, and seems to be triggered via a server-side switch now. It should slowly start appearing for more users.

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