Virtual Reality may not be the hot topic it once was, a few years ago, but it has settled into a nice niche for gaming first and foremost, and media consumption to a more minor degree. If you're intrigued by VR and have been pining for one of those powerful headsets, you can spare your wallet and start small today with the Oculus Go, which is down to $150.

The Go doesn't require any powerful PC to run demanding VR games, nor does it need you to slip your phone inside to use its display as make-shift lenses. It's a standalone headset with its own lenses and processor, though you still need your mobile device to easily browse and remotely install games and apps. It comes with one wireless controller for more precision in your actions, a power adapter and battery, as well as a spacer to properly mount on your face even if you wear eyeglasses.

The deal is available on both the 32GB and 64GB storage variants, and lasts until December 2.

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Now $130 for the 32GB version

The 32GB storage variant of the Oculus Go is now down to $130 at Amazon and Walmart, $135 at B&H. Other retailers are still discounting it to $150, while the 64GB version is still down to $199 on all online stores.