The Galaxy Store began as the black sheep of the Android store family, offering little incentive to use it and existing as almost entirely bloatware. As with most of Samsung's first-party efforts, that's slowly changed over the last few years, with One UI's rollout being extremely well received and One UI 2.0 just around the corner for most. Samsung has brought its flagship store's design up to date with the latest version release, introducing a One UI-themed storefront along with dark mode and a few aesthetic changes that bring it in line with the rest of its apps.


The Galaxy Store shows off its fresh redesign and dark mode integration.

As the One UI 2.0 update begins to leave beta and roll-out more widely, Samsung has been updating its proprietary apps to fit into the sleek new design and - more importantly - use dark mode. The Galaxy Store update also finally brings a side menu to the app, making updates, wish lists, deals, rewards, and order histories much more easy to find and access.


More pretty screenshots.

Simply opening the store on your device brings the update notice for most, but here's an APK Mirror link if that's not the case for you.