In many ways, the original Nest Thermostat that launched in 2011 kicked off the race to build an ideal smart home. Eight years later, the competition is still trying to emulate Nest's success, but why buy a copycat product when you can own the real thing for an ultra-affordable price? Today you can pick up the Nest Thermostat E with Nest Mini bundle for $129 ($89 off), or less than the retail price of the Nest Thermostat E by itself.

The Nest Thermostat E is billed as the budget smart thermometer of the Nest family, and it straddles the line between performance and price so well that it's kind of silly to choose any of its more expensive cousins. Its overall clean design makes it a decent fit in any home, plus you get all the benefits of the intuitive Nest app that still beats those offered by most smart home companies.

This deal comes with your choice of a second generation Nest Mini in charcoal, chalk, coral, or sky blue colors — a device that is good enough to buy on its own, but you can have it for free in this bundle. As an added bonus, you also get two Deco Gear smart plugs to help turn some of your less-intelligent home appliances into smarter ones.

Supplies are limited, so you'll have to be quick to take advantage of this deal. Simply click the link below, add the bundle to your cart (or click "Buy Now"), and check out.

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