I've been covering Odencat (formerly known as Daigo Studio) releases in my weekly game roundups for a while now, so I'm delighted to highlight the studio's newest game Snowman Story. Having arrived on the Play Store yesterday, I spent some time with this story-based adventure game. Not only does it offer a heartwarming Christmas story that's perfect for play throughout the holidays, but the pixel-based graphics are also excellent, and the monetization is fantastic.

The trailer above should give you a good idea of what to expect from Snowman Story. Much like all of Odencat's titles, this is a peaceful adventure game designed to tell a delightful story, with a few puzzles in the mix to keep things entertaining, though every puzzle can be skipped if you'd rather experience the story uninterrupted. You'll play the part of a snowman that recently learned he would melt by spring, and so sets out on an adventure northward in search of a Christmas miracle that will lead to a fabled snowman sanctuary.

Snowman Story is a free-to-play release that contains advertisements, though I'd like to mention that the majority of its in-app purchases can be ignored. These IAPs range up to $10.99 per item, but if you'd like to remove the game's ads, you can do so for $1.99, and that's really all you'll ever need to spend on the title. There is an additional episode (story) on offer, which is also priced at $1.99, and you can also choose to purchase a "complete package" that contains ad removal and the extra episode for $2.99. A few more IAPs are also listed in the game, though these are for showing support to the dev, who offers a few bonuses for these particular purchases, such as listing your name in the staff credits of the game.

All in all, Snowman Story is another wonderful entry in Odencat's adventure game catalog, and it doesn't hurt that its Christmas theme makes it the perfect game to play through the holiday season. It also doesn't hurt that the title's monetization is fair, allowing people to play for free with ad support, or to pay to remove those pesky ads so that the game can be enjoyed without interruption. So if you're looking for the perfect mobile game to get you in the Christmas spirit that may also tug on a few heartstrings, Snowman Story is an excellent choice.

Snowman Story
Snowman Story
Developer: Odencat
Price: Free+