Smart speakers can play your favorite tunes and help you achieve a variety of daily tasks, such as controlling smart devices, ordering food, or checking the weather. However, they're not particularly common in musical instruments, but Roland just released a keyboard that lets you play your own music and interact with Alexa with a single device.

You might wonder what Roland was thinking when designing the product: The main idea behind integrating Alexa was to avoid going through complex panel operations to change the settings or control the keyboard. For instance, Piano players can ask Alexa to call one of the 40 onboard sounds, instead of fiddling with the various buttons. The digital helper can also help you out with the rhythm by turning on the metronome or changing the beat. Lastly, if you're particularly gifted at playing the piano, you can just ask Alexa to record your performance, and the song will automatically be stored on the cloud. You'll also be able to listen to it whenever you want, just by asking Alexa to play it for you. Besides controlling the keyboard, Alexa also works the same way it does on a smart speaker such as listening to songs, setting alarms, checking the weather, or controlling the lights.

The keyboard can also connect to a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth, using Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app. This way, you'll get   to improve your skills at home without taking classes.

The GO:PIANO is portable, as it weights 4 kg (8 lb. 14 oz.), making it easy to move around. It's also battery-powered, letting you play your songs wherever you want. However, the keyboard will need to be plugged in to connect to Wi-Fi and use Alexa, which is a bit disappointing, especially in case you were thinking of using it as a — relatively bulky — smart speaker.

Piano Partner 2
Piano Partner 2
Developer: Roland Corporation
Price: Free