Smart lighting is the first foray many customers make into the world of home automation. Still, one of the most annoying aspects of many first-generation smart bulbs is the requirement of an additional hub that delivers core features like remote commands or voice assistant functionality. General Electric's 'C by GE' line of bulbs have no such requirement, and you can currently pick up a two-pack of GE's multi-color lightbulbs at Best Buy for $26.99, which is a savings of $28 off the list price.

In our recent review, we found GE's C-Life Multicolor bulbs to be the perfect companion in any home with at least one Google Home device. We even awarded them our Android Police Most Wanted seal of approval, considering that they take less than a minute to set up and require no additional hub to connect to a Google Home over Bluetooth.

This deal offers a sizeable savings of nearly 50% off smart bulbs that were already relatively affordable when compared to the competition. One thing to note is that these bulbs only offer hubless functionality when used with Google Home products, so Alexa users may want to look elsewhere.