It looks like yet another app is taking advantage of the Pixel 4’s face unlock technology. This time, it’s the popular file-syncing storage app, Box. The latest update for the software allows the Pixel 4 — and other supported devices — to unlock the app using facial recognition.

Prior to the update, Box users could secure their accounts using a password and PIN. They also had the option to utilize biometrics, however that only came in the form of reading a fingerprint. As the Pixel 4 lacks this functionality, adding facial recognition returns some flexibility to Pixel 4 owners when it comes to securing their files. To use the new feature, users first have to set up a PIN — this will then open up the biometric unlock option. Once activated, Box will default to using this as the security method.

Unlock using face recognition in place of a passcode or a fingerprint on supported devices
Additional bug fixes and stability improvements

With over 10 million installs, Box is one of the most popular storage applications around. Don’t be surprised to see more apps take advantage of the Pixel 4’s face unlock technology in the near future, as its lack of a fingerprint reader makes it less versatile than other devices when it comes to security options.

Developer: Box
Price: Free