Back in September, Amazon announced that Samuel L. Jackson's voice would be coming to an Alexa speaker near you. As of today, that interminable wait is over, and for just $1 you can tell Alexa to answer all sorts of questions with the man himself — though, sadly, he can't help when it comes to lots of things.

To get started, you can just tell Alexa to "ask Samuel to introduce himself," or manually install the Samuel L. Jackson Alexa skill at this listing, after which you'll be asked your preference regarding explicit language — as if anyone would want the SFW version. A long list of example queries that work with the SLJ celebrity voice was published together with the announcement, including "Alexa, ask Samuel to tell me a joke," and “Alexa, ask Samuel to tell my kids to go to bed.”

Although the voice works for plenty of things, there are some specific limitations. Notably, SLJ can't handle shopping, lists, reminders, or other Skills, and his voice is English-only. (English, Alexa! Do you speak it?!)

The new Samuel L. Jackson celebrity voice skill is available on Amazon now for an "introductory price" of $1, rising to $5 later.