Google is continuing to update its apps with the new account picker it announced at I/O. After spotting it (and the accompanying switch gesture in various apps) we noticed it was showing up for some users in the Play Store and is now rolling out in Google Photos too. The app is also getting a new "Skipped suggestions" section in settings for getting back automated creations you may have mistakenly dismissed.

The new account picker moves from the side menu to the right of the search bar in Photos. Tapping the avatar reveals the different Google accounts on your device, plus a way to see the backup status, free up storage by deleting items that have been backed up, and quickly access your account settings.

Our tipster Nick tells us that swiping up or down on the avatar switches accounts, the same way we've seen with other apps that got this account picker.

New account picker in the search bar.

A unique feature of this avatar is a circle that animates around it when new photos are being backed up. The circle fills up in blue with a small upload icon, then switches to green with a checkmark when the backup is done.

Backup animation around the account avatar.

Photos is also testing a new "Skipped suggestions" section in the app's settings. This should display a history of the automated creations made from your pics — videos, albums, collages, animations, color edits, etc... — that you dismissed. If you swiped the card away inadvertently in the For You tab (previously Assistant) without saving it, you should be able to get it back here. That's a neat improvement. Previously, the only way was to open Photos on the web and hope that the card was still available there. Otherwise, you had to manually replicate the automated creation yourself.

Skipped suggestions are accessible from the app's settings.

Both changes are showing up for our tipster in version of Photos, which started rolling out yesterday. However, they seem to be triggered server-side, so there's no guarantee you'll get them if you've updated to this version. I, for one, don't have either.

Live for all

This new account picker with the swipe gesture, as well as the Skipped suggestions tab in settings appear to be live for everyone in Photos. No new version is needed, it's the same release as before, but the server-side switch has been turned on for most, if not all users. Thanks, Moshe, Armando, Samarth!

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