Screenshot editing made it into stock Android relatively late as it only recently arrived with Android 9. To make up for this oversight, Google seems to be determined to add isolated solutions to as many of its apps as possible and has already equipped Google Photos and Search with their own markup tools. It looks like Chrome is poised to follow as evidence points to yet another screenshot editor, this time meant for the Android version of the browser.

XDA Developers dug up some information on the feature in development. A Chromium Gerrit entry dedicated to it is called "Add a feature flag for screenshot work," which is as obvious as it gets. An accompanying bug tracker comment reveals that the editor is in the early stages of development and apparently intended exclusively for Chrome on Android.

It might take quite some time until the screenshot tool shows up in consumer-facing Chrome builds. It'll most likely first surface in a Chrome Canary version, and it will probably have to be activated via a flag. We'll keep you posted once that happens, but since you can already markup screenshots with Google's other editors, it shouldn't be a life-changing event.

Alternate Title: Chrome gets a screenshot editor, Android gets a screenshot editor, Google Photos gets a screenshot editor, everybody gets a screenshot editor!