Amazon's tiny Echo Flex smart speakers are great because they can fit into areas where even the compact Echo Dot can't. That's because the Echo Flex simply plugs into any open wall outlets without blocking the other. After dropping the price from $25 to $20, Amazon is further sweetening the deal by selling two Echo Flex speakers for just $35 ($5 off) with a limited-use coupon.

Although we haven't had a chance to review the Echo Flex yet, it's been getting rave reviews on the internet for its compact size, flexible mounting solution, full Alexa integration, and useful accessories like a night light and motion sensor. It can even pull double-duty and charge your smartphone with its USB port.

Because it is so small, the music quality from its speaker is said to be lackluster and tinny. Its onboard microphone, however, offers full voice control over your other Alexa-enabled smart devices, and it can even be turned off with a press of a button.

To get two Echo Flex smart speakers for just $35, add them into your cart and apply the code FLEX2PK at check-out. Amazon says this is a limited time offer so click on the link below now to get your order in.