Back in 2011, Google Translate made it easier to interpret live discussions thanks to Conversation mode. The app also got a fresh coat of paint more recently, making it easier to summon it. In parallel, Assistant-enabled speakers got the ability to translate live conversations in April, which essentially turned them into digital interpreters. Unfortunately, the functionality was exclusive to smart speakers and displays and wasn't available on phones until now. Google just released the feature on mobile devices as well, making it easier to have a conversation with someone who speaks a different language on the go.

Starting today, Interpreter mode is available on Android and iOS phones, directly within Google Assistant. It therefore doesn't require the download of a separate app, and is launched simply by saying "Hey Google, be my German translator” or “Hey Google, help me speak Thai.” In addition to translating your speech, Assistant can also suggest Smart Replies, helping you continue the discussion effortlessly. Also, since the feature now works on mobile devices, you can type text instead of speaking out loud, which gives you the ability to have a conversation in quiet environments.

Interpreter mode is available in 44 languages. It's particularly convenient Google has ported it to mobile devices, as it's where it's the most useful, especially when traveling. When I tested it a few months ago, I didn't find it very reliable in translating complex sentences, so I recommend using it with caution when it comes to important discussions.

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