Taking a trip can be a stressful time; remembering tickets, hotels, rentals, and plans can easily become a bit overwhelming. TripIt attempts to ease that burden by allowing you to link your email to its planning services and spitting out a professional-looking and easy-to-read itinerary. So far, you've had to manually enter any meetings or miscellaneous entries into your TripIt app when you wanted to add something besides travel. Now, TripIt is helping to streamline that process with seamless support for adding meetings and invitations to your itinerary.

You can view your activities and meetings in a list a detailed screen or on a map of the area.

TripIt's new feature works by integrating directly with your invitations from events created with Google Calendar or Outlook. If you receive an email invite to the meeting or activity, you either forward the email to TripIt or give the app access to scrape your inbox for any new invites. The process is nearly instantaneous, as when I forwarded my plane tickets and other invites to TripIt's email they were already populated by the time I switched back to the app.

TripIt picked up Google Assistant and Alex integration a few months ago, and on top of the ability to have all your plans in one place, the app is becoming invaluable for those with a hectic schedule. Earlier this year the developer redesigned its Pro Hub for subscribers, making it much easier to access and use the extra features for paying members. Now, with the addition of meetings and other calendar activities, TripIt is one step closer to being your full-time travel assistant.

TripIt: Travel Planner
TripIt: Travel Planner
Developer: TripIt, Inc.
Price: Free+