While we couldn't offer a full-throated endorsement of the Sony WH-XB900N noise-canceling headphones in our review, a massive price cut off the list price of $248 may make them worthy of your consideration. Right now, you can grab a pair of these bass-packed wireless headphones from Amazon for only $123 ($125 off list price).

Sony's WH-XB900N headphones stand-out features include active noise-cancellation and extra bass, although our reviewer found the bass reproduction to be overwhelming and muddy. As far as build quality is concerned, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Sony's inclusion of NFC allows for easy pairing, and the USB-C charging port will minimize cable clutter. However, the plastic chosen for the body of the headphones feels decidedly cheap for a product that typically retails for nearly $250.

These headphones may fail to live up to other noise-canceling cans, particularly Sony's 1000MX3s, their MSRP of $350 could limit potential buyers. If you're willing and able to live with a few compromises to sound and build quality, this could be the right price to convince many to give the WH-XB900N headphones a try. While the blue version is currently listed as in stock, the black variant is back-ordered, but you can still order a pair for the discounted price that should ship within a few days.