The Google Assistant may be a polyglot among its AI-powered virtual brethren, but what mars the experience is its lingual inconsistency across supported platforms. Even though it’s been conversing in Hindi and Vietnamese on phones for long, the support for Android TV was just added. The two Asian languages join a small list of languages that the Assistant can understand and speak on your big screen.

Aside from these two, the Google Assistant on your Android TV can talk in English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish. It’s worth noting that the voice assistant running on non-Android TV sets, like the ones from LG, won’t necessarily support all these languages.

Chances are Hindi and Vietnamese may not be immediately available on your Android TV as a language option, and you might have to wait for an update from the manufacturer. Though, no one’s stopping you from giving your TV’s language settings a check right away.

Swedish too

Google now says that Assistant on Android TV is also available in Swedish. If you have an Android TV set with Swedish as the main language, you should see Assistant in settings soon. Thanks, Mikael!