If you're the type of person who occasionally displaces keys, wallets, phones, or even pets, the Tile Mate might just be for you. The neat little Bluetooth chip can be attached or affixed to most everyday objects (including collars) that you might want to keep track of and will ring loudly to help you locate them. Right now, the 2020 version of the Tile Mate is available for the all-time low of $20 at multiple retailers, which is $5 less than the MSRP. You can also get a pack of four for $50, saving you $20.

The Tile Mate has a range of about 200 feet. When it's in that vicinity, you can make it ring through its companion app or by asking Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. If you happen to be in the reverse situation (you've got your Tile but you've lost your smartphone), there's a button on the Tile that can make your phone sound an alarm, too. In contrast to other Tile models, this one sports a replaceable CR1632 battery that should last a year from activation. More advanced features include 'Community Find' and family or friend sharing which could help you retrieve things that are outside your smartphone's Bluetooth range.

You can get the Tile Mate at Amazon, Best Buy, or Target. For devices or objects that require a more discreet footprint, you might also be interested in Tile's recently announced Stickers.