Streaming has really emerged over the past few years as the dominant way many of us consume our media, and now streaming service Sling is launching a deal that makes for a fairly synergistic offer if you're looking to ditch your cable provider. The company is making its regular cord-cutting option more enticing by offering a free Google Nest Hub when you prepay for a 3-month membership plan.

Launched last year as the Google Home Hub, the now-renamed Nest Hub saw Google entering the nascent smart display field with an evolving set of features: From your photo slideshows, to distance-sensing, to blasting your favorite tunes, the Hubs have cemented their place in the smart-home ecosystem. Sling appears to recognize this as it recently added support for smart displays with Google Assistant, and now offers this 7-inch Nest Hub with your subscription.

After you sign up for 3 months of Sling (starting at $25 a month) and pay in advance, you'll receive a promo code to use on Google's store to redeem your Nest Hub. This offer is for new Sling customers only, so you're sadly out of luck if you're already subscribed or have taken the service up on an offer in the past. The company has a pretty stringent policy on cancellations and refunds as well, so make sure you're reading the fine-print before you dive in.