Ever since the Nexus Player fell out of support, there hasn't been a first-party Android TV box — at least not for regular buyers. The ADT-2 was released last year as a budget Chromecast-like dongle, supporting 4K and HDR, but it was only intended for developers creating Android TV apps. Alongside the announcement of Android TV 10, Google has also revealed a new ADT-3 streaming box.

This new unit has a quad-core A53 processor, a whopping 2GB of DDR3 memory, and 4K/HDR4 support over its single HDMI 2.0 port. Just like its predecessor, the ADT-3's single purpose is to give developers a platform for creating and testing Android TV applications. It will also receive regular updates and security patches, so developers can always test on the latest and greatest software.

It's disappointing that the Nvidia Shield remains the only option for an up-to-date Android TV experience (the Pie update for the Mi Box S is still being tested), and Google releasing another first-party platform only for developers continues to rub salt in the wound of anyone wishing for a Pixel TV. There's always next year, right?