When it came out in 2017, EasilyDo was an Inbox alternative for non-Gmail users, before changing its name to Edison Mail a few months later. It offered advanced features such as Smart Replies, which most emails clients didn't have back then. The app is now becoming even smarter, as it's getting a built-in smart assistant.

Edison Mail already offered some help when it came to managing subscriptions, bulk deleting emails, and blocking senders. Thanks to its new assistant, it'll make sure you don't miss invitations or forget about over tasks like paying bills. It will also remind you of upcoming itineraries, so you don't have to worry about checking in for your flight.

The new calendar integration can remind you when you forget to RSVP to an invitation and automatically provide you with reminders before an event, so everything is centralized in the app. Edison Mail can also pro-actively let you know when an approaching bill is due, so you never miss the deadline again. Lastly, it will provide you with reminders a few days before a trip, together with restaurant and hotel recommendations for the destination, as well as the weather forecast.

These features are particularly useful, especially since not all email providers offer them. For instance, I'm genuinely considering making the switch to Edison Mail for my work email, as these would definitely make it easier for me to manage my tasks.

Press Release

Edison Mail Adds Powerful New Assistant So You Never Miss Anything Important 
New Assistant feature puts your upcoming meetings, travel itinerary, event details, and more all in one place to preview at a glance.
Key Takeaways:
  • Edison Mail is proud to present Assistant, a new personal helper within our email application.
  • View the day’s events, get reminders to respond to invitations, get trip destination information, and much more.
  • Download Edison Mail on iOS and Android.
We’ve all been there. Somewhere between that two hour conference call, a pressing email from your kid’s school, and the overdue dentist appointment, you miss the invitation for an important meeting and find yourself scrambling to catch up.
This kind of chaos — important invitations getting lost, bills being missed, meeting invitations not noticed — has almost become too common. This makes sense, afterall according to a recent survey, the average office worker receives a staggering 121 emails per day.
Staying on top of everything that comes through can often feel like its own part time job that not many have time to manage. It’s always been too easy to miss an email or two in an overflowing inbox. To help you bring order to the chaos, Edison Mail offers dead simple features like one-tap Unsubscribe, Bulk Delete mass emails at once, and Block Sender to banish unwanted individuals from your mailbox, in addition to smart, AI-based assistant features to manage essential information. The handy Assistants at the side of your Edison Mail inbox allow you to manage subscriptions, trips, packages, entertainment, and bills & receipts-- all separated out so you never miss anything important, even while your mailbox fills up again everyday.
But we felt like we could do more to help out our consumers stay on top of their day to day. This  is why we’re proud to present a new Assistant — one that cuts through the email clutter to home in on what’s most important today and what’s coming next tomorrow.
Edison Mail’s new Assistant lives in the upper right corner of your inbox screen that you can tap to see what your coming days hold in store. Assistant has a medley of tools to help the busiest of consumers. Overloaded professionals will appreciate the calendar integration offered, which includes your day ahead, events you’ve forgotten to RSVP for, and even event details immediately before they take place. Heavy email users will enjoy Assistant’s carousel of smart unsubscribe suggestions. Forgetful bill payers never need to worry about missing a payment, with reminders when an approaching bill is due. Frequent travelers will love Assistant’s reminders a few days before any trip, restaurant and hotel recommendations for the destination, and even the expected weather forecast. If you decide that you don’t need some of these nifty reminders, all you have to do is tap the three dots at the upper right corner of each one to customize your Assistant and truly make it yours.
To provide even more usefulness, Assistant capabilities extend outside of what’s seen in the Assistant page, through the use of reminders at the bottom of your inbox screen. These reminders will appear 24 hours before a flight for an easy check-in, as well as the day of any arriving packages. Looking forward, there are planned additions to Assistant that are sure to make your life easier, and your inbox smarter.
A whopping 58% of Americans check their email first thing when they wake up, so it only made sense for the upfronts for the day to be placed in the email app itself. Now, from our email application you can see exactly what’s on your docket for the day, get reminded of any calendar invitations you missed, and more. You don’t need to check your calendar or airline app for upcoming details, because everything is condensed and easy to view in your Assistant page or at the bottom of your inbox screen.
Designed from the ground up to make your life easier, Edison Mail has always been more than just an email app. The things that matter to you, that you want to see upfront have always been separated out for you to see at a glance. Now with Assistant, we’ve taken that concept to the next level. Edison Mail — designed to make your life easier and email the way it should be.