Microsoft has announced that it's finally killing the well-known and much-loved productivity app Wunderlist on May 6th, 2020. One app's end is another's "new beginning" according to the company, with all efforts now focused on Microsoft's descriptively titled "To Do," which was explicitly labeled at launch as a replacement that would ultimately result in Wunderlist's retirement.

Wunderlist originally dates back to 2010 as a desktop app, before making the jump to iPhones and, in 2011, Android devices. More recently, Microsoft bought Wunderlist in 2015, and though it saw several updates since then, they've been devoid of "big" new features, with most of the acquired developer attention being redirected to To Do. Although Microsoft has been willing to maintain both for continued use until now, it has decided that it's time to start winding things down so that Wunderlist users aren't left with issues or incompatibilities as time and other software marches forward.

Active Wunderlist users can continue using it until May 6th, 2020, at which point sync will stop working. Right now, sign-ups for Wunderlist are closed. After May 6th, those still using the app will be able to import their lists into To Do for at least a while, but it sounds like that, too, will eventually stop working. Users are urged to either migrate to To Do before then (which will require a Microsoft account) or export their data as a zip file if they'd rather take their to-do list business elsewhere.

Microsoft hopes that To Do's recently-updated interface is familiar enough in layout to woo over current Wunderlist users, though the deeper integration into other Microsoft services like Outlook and Planner is a benefit (or drawback) in itself. If you have any lingering questions, the company has updated Wunderlist's FAQ section with more answers regarding the app's upcoming death. But for current Wunderlist users, there are only two ultimate routes: Microsoft's way or the highway.