Nobody wants their phone rattling around their car while they drive, getting dirty, wet, or damaged — you've got to keep that thing in place. If you're looking for a solution and nothing's sticking, you might be drawn to the iOttie iTap magnetic mount, currently on sale at Amazon for $11 ($6 off).

The vent mount uses a one-touch, spring-loaded clip to latch onto and release from your vent, allowing for quick installation and removal. The kit includes metal plates which attach to your phone or case with adhesive. The plates connect your phone to the mount, which uses rare earth magnets to provide six pounds of pull force, keeping your device firmly in place.

While the vent mount is discounted to $11 ($6 off), iOttie also offers a CD slot variant, as well as one which sticks directly to your dashboard. The CD slot mount is on sale for $14 ($7 off) and the dashboard mount is currently $13 ($7 off). You can pick up your preferred style (or all three, we don't judge here) at Amazon today.