While I could never understand the mathematical obsession with solving for x, perhaps Microsoft knows a thing or two about crunching numbers. The software giant has developed the Math Solver app — currently in beta — that claims to have solutions to mathematical expressions ranging from basic equations to more complex integrations and limits. If the app finds itself stumped, it directs you to a Bing search result to potentially help you find an explanation.

You can scan your handwritten problem, enter it using the built-in calculator, or draw it on your screen. The latter of which isn’t an option in the popular rival Photomath. The ability to display Bing search results also differentiates the Math Solver app. Depending on the kind of equation, the app may show you a handful of related search results or some how-to videos to help you better understand the concept.

Left: The Draw screen. Center: Step-by-step solution. Right: Supporting videos.

I've found the Photomath to be better at giving you a step-by-step guide to reach the solution even for complex expressions, but Microsoft's Math Solver did that only for the basic ones. Math Solver was equally accurate with different interpretations of any given problem, and it didn't flood the result page with irrelevant calculations. The Microsoft app also has a baked-in dark mode (in line with its Office apps) and supports a dozen languages.

Many of Math Solver's shortcomings are understandable, considering it's still being beta tested by a limited group. You can try out the Microsoft Math Solver app to get a hand with your studies by hitting this Play Store link and enrolling for the beta program. It looks like the beta signup is already full, but you can always sideload the app after grabbing it at APK Mirror.

Microsoft Math Solver
Microsoft Math Solver