Messaging apps are becoming ever more versatile, and above all, Facebook Messenger and Telegram are known to have long supported bots and other third-party plug-ins. sees potential in WhatsApp in this regard and has just announced a partnership with it. A new integration will allow you to create tasks and get reminders right inside the messaging app.

Starting today, you can text an bot things like "Cancel my Netflix subscription" or "Water the plants." The bot also acknowledges forwarded messages, so when your spouse reminds you to "pick up the groceries on your way home" or a friend wants to schedule a call with you, you can just send these messages over to

Apparently, the bot also doesn't mind typos.

After you write or forward something, will ask you if you'd like to be reminded of the task and if so, when. You can reply with natural language and say cues like "tomorrow morning" or "today at 6 pm." The bot will then send you a WhatsApp message reminding you of the item in question once the time has come.

All tasks added via WhatsApp are also automatically synchronized with your regular to-dos, and the WhatsApp chatbot will remind you when anything on your plate is due.

The only caveat: You'll need to be a Premium user to connect your account to WhatsApp. If you are one, head to or to the app's Settings -> Integrations -> WhatsApp to set everything up.

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