Spotify celebrates each year by publishing with Wrapped, a playlist that focuses on your most listened to or liked songs of the past months, with some sprinkled information on top. This year, Spotify is not only raising a wine glass to 2019, but also to the entire '10s.

You should get your Wrapped 2019 when you launch the Spotify app, but if you don't see it, you can head over to to trigger it.

Wrapped showcases your music highlights from the year: favorite artists each season, top artists, genres, and songs all year, total number of countries the artists you listened to come from, and breakout artist discovery of the year. The very last one is a Premium-only feature.

Spotify then takes things further back and looks at your entire music listening history of the decade, telling you for each year how many minutes you spent enjoying its service, your top artist and song, and finally your artist of the decade.

Don't miss out on the link at the bottom of the ninth slide for your top 2019 songs playlist. This is the personal Wrapped playlist you're looking for. You can also check Spotify's global "Most Streamed Songs of the Decade" playlist.