Justin Uberti is best known as the head of Google Duo, a role he took on after helping to develop the underlying technology that powers Duo and other web-based video products — WebRTC. After years of steering the development of Duo, Uberti has taken on a new role in Google's game streaming service.

Uberti and the rest of Google's WebRTC team has already been working with Stadia developers to optimize its streaming capabilities. His LinkedIn profile lists his new position as an "Engineering lead on Google Stadia."

Google Duo is still the company's most successful messaging product, at least post-Hangouts. Unlike its Allo companion app, which was shut down earlier this year after months of languishing, Duo has passed one billion installations and is integrated with Google's smart speakers and displays. Hopefully, the Duo team can continue the product's momentum in Uberti's absence.