Google's Stadia game streaming platform is off to a rough start, with quite a few features missing at the moment, but the company is slowly fixing that. One problem is that the only way to browse and purchase games was through the Stadia mobile app — but not anymore.

The official Twitter account for Stadia broke the news, announcing that a new web-based game store is now available to Stadia players. Now you can browse through titles from any device with a web browser, instead of only Android and iOS.

The new store appears as a link on the Stadia home page, once you log in with your Google account. Much like pretty much every other games store, featured games are at the top, with other titles listed into categories. It's fairly basic right now, but given Stadia's limited library, the simplicity isn't really an issue.

Clicking on a game takes you to the title's dedicated page, complete with screenshots, videos, a description, miscellaneous information, and the all-important Buy button. The button naturally leads to a popup for confirming payment information.

So there you have it — Stadia players can now purchase games from a device other than their phone. There's still no word on when you'll be able to buy games directly from the Chromecast client, though.