Google Assistant keeps reaching its tentacles into our homes. After adding support for most of our bathroom equipment, it's now moving into the bedroom to become compatible with our bed, closet, and drawer, so we literally no longer need to get out of bed to do anything. Also new is support for mowers and radiators.

For beds, Assistant can control the mode and scene, and toggle on/off whatever features the smart bed manufacturer lets you change. Closets and drawers can be opened and closed, in more than one direction. Robot mowers get similar abilities to vacuum cleaners, so you can ask Assistant to start, stop, pause, locate, or dock them, check the current cycle, and adjust modes and toggles, all without ever stepping a foot outside. And finally, radiators can be turned on or off, with mode and toggle adjustment.

Previously, all these devices could be integrated with Assistant, but only through actions where users had to "ask [service_name] to [do_something]," like this Robonect mower action. With native integration, developers can now add a more direct way to control their smart home gadgets. They'll also show up inside the Google Home app with a proper icon.

Google updated Assistant's supported device type list to add 11 more kitchen appliances:

Along with these, an all-new cooking trait is available where connected appliance makers can let users ask for a specific cooking method (bake, defrost, roast, stew, blend, whip,...) for a preset food in their own chosen quantity. For example, you can ask your multicooker to slow cook 2 cups of black beans.

Image: Based on a photo by Mary Whitney from Pexels