Google revealed today that Darksiders Genesis is the latest game to arrive on the Stadia game streaming platform, and you can pick it up today for $39.99. This is a hack and slash game where you'll explore the dark events that laid the foundation for the first game in the series, which makes this release a prequel. Not only does the Stadia release of Darksiders Genesis align with the release on PC, but this is also the first title in the franchise that includes 2-player co-op. You can also play solo if you wish, but clearly, it will be more fun battling hordes of demons and angels with your friends.

The Stadia trailer above for Darksiders Genesis was released this past August, so it was known that the game would come to the platform eventually, though it's nice to see the title land on Stadia at the same time it did on PC, especially since the console versions of the game won't land until February. If you'd like to pick up Darksiders Genesis on Stadia, it's available for $39.99, which is currently $10 more than the Steam version. What makes this more confusing is that Google does not stipulate whether or not the digital extras you can purchase through Steam are included with the Stadia release, which could explain the price difference, but so far there is no mention of these extras in the Stadia app.

All in all, it's nice to see a fresh arrival on Stadia that hasn't existed on other platforms previously, though the extra cost over the PC version of Darksiders Genesis that was also released today is a little questionable. In my book, Stadia has yet to prove itself, and pricing a game higher than on PC doesn't make for a good look for a burgeoning gaming platform, but I suppose if you don't mind spending the extra funds, Darksiders Genesis at least looks like a solid game.