Even all these years after its introduction in 1995, Craigslist is still the top place to find cars, houses, and outdated furniture for sale near you. After a short beta period, official mobile apps are now available, but the Android version hasn't been well-received.

The Craigslist app mirrors the functionality of the existing site: you can find jobs, buy and sell items, and more. The app certainly looks a lot better than the mobile site, but not everyone is happy. It's already sitting at 2.5/5 stars on Google Play, from more than 50 reviews (and counting).

The most-reported issue is that the app requires you to link your Craigslist account with your Google account upon logging in or attempting to contact someone. It's not clear why this is required, since it doesn't enable Google Smart Lock or any other visible benefits, and the move has annoyed a number of people already.

Other complaints with the app include poor support for search filters, not showing contact information for some listings, limited options when creating a listing, and buggy location selection. One person also left a 1-star review because they couldn't sell drugs on the site, which somehow turned into a rant about gay people. Okay then.

Anyway, here's hoping Craigslist can fix the login and search issues in the near future. In the meantime, there are plenty of third-party clients available, like CPlus and Postings.

Developer: craigslist.org
Price: Free