We've all seen people magically "enhance" images from security cameras to zoom in on someone's face in movies. Although there is no magic trick to achieving this, a 4K sensor definitely helps to get a crisp and detailed picture. With the Arlo Ultra, you'll get to keep an eye on your front door in Ultra HD for just $322, which is the lowest the product has ever been.

The camera is fully cordless, thanks to its rechargeable battery, which lasts for up to two months on a single charge. In terms of features, you're getting 4K UHD and HDR video, night vision with built-in spotlights, two-way audio, motion sensing, and a siren. The free one-year Arlo Smart Premier service also lets you save up to 30 days of footage on the cloud. There's also an option to store recordings locally using the hub's microSD card slot.

To know more about the Arlo Ultra, make sure to read our detailed review before your purchase. Once you're ready to buy, click the link below to make your purchase. You can actually get the Ultra for just $300 if you're willing to buy from a third-party reseller, but given the negligible price difference, I'd recommend buying from Amazon. Lastly, if you need more than just one camera, bundles with two, three, and four units are also discounted. The kits are cheaper on Amazon for the first two bundles, and the last two are the same price at Best Buy.